The Metculture team is dedicated to crafting a captivating and immersive aesthetic space centered around the theme of Utensil life. We go above and beyond to cater to our esteemed customers, offering an array of exquisite items such as Oriental tea ceremony sets. Our extensive collection encompasses carefully selected antique utensils, porcelain treasures, and contemporary clay pottery sourced from various corners of the globe.

In addition to our exceptional collection, we take pride in organizing captivating artisan exhibitions and delightful tea ceremony tasting events. When choosing artisans to collaborate with, we prioritize original designs, ensuring that their creations receive the utmost protection and recognition. We are committed to providing abundant platforms for these talented individuals to showcase their exceptional craftsmanship.

With our profound knowledge and extensive network of international suppliers across the United Kingdom and China, we possess the ability to create tailored concepts that perfectly align with your specific requirements. Our highly professional team stands ready to provide expert strategic advice, guiding you towards meaningful and impactful results.


 Our Service

  • Event/ Exhibition Management

    Event/ Exhibition Management

    Using our expertise and knowledge of international suppliers across the UK and China, we can create concepts tailored to your particular requirements. We can organise the Tea culture & Craft artworks exchange event and exhibition, from the inception or manage elements.

  • Art/ Culture consultancy

    Art/ Culture consultancy

    Our culture & art consultants team provide specialist curating artworks for private collectors, corporate clients, ceramist and artists. We also provide advice for artist liaison and project management services for corporate collections and culture & art projects, and we work closely with experienced technical teams to install the work to top museum standards.

  • Private clients services

    Private clients services

    Our highly experienced team will help you to provide considered strategic advice and delivering meaningful results.


At Metculture, we are driven by our passion for showcasing the beauty of utensil life and facilitating artistic connections. 

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